Muriel Lhermet

Artiste peintre / Painter

Muriel Lhermet portrait


Muriel Lhermet Atelier


My work takes the form of carefully constructed abstractions, built up from multiple thin layers of vibrant pigments which define shapes, spaces, intermediary worlds – limbos in which opposing principles come together: light and dark, dense and volatile, earthy and ethereal… I create spaces, cocoons from which life may emerge or perhaps sarcophagi, precious stones harbouring palpitations of light…

These otherworlds are connected by sinuous lines, life-giving veins of colour, arteries linking one being to another…

What I seek is the vibration of colour – whether it be brightly radiant or deep and intimate – and what each piece of work generates beyond the canvas, in the eye of the beholder…

2018 Galerie Open Space, Sète

2017 Exposition Swiss Art Space, Lausanne
Galerie Open Space, Sète
Salon International d’art Contemporain SIAC, Marseille
Galerie Egregore, Marmande

2016 Salon d’art contemporain Viv’art, Albi
Exposition Galerie Aude Guirauden, Toulouse

2015 Salon “Comparaisons” à Royan
Salon “Comparaisons” au Grand Palais à Paris
Exposition permanente, Galerie Aude Guirauden, Toulouse

2014 Exposition permanente, Galerie Aude Guirauden, Toulouse
Exposition au musée des Beaux-Arts de Gaillac
Salon “Comparaisons” au Grand Palais à Paris

2013 Exposition, Espace Lhomond, Paris
Exposition permanente, Galerie Aude Guirauden, Toulouse
Exposition collective au Centre d’art contemporain de Bédarieux

2012 Galerie 3F, Paris
Galerie Aude Guirauden, Toulouse
Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse
Galerie L’étangd’Art, Bages
Eglise St-Michel, Lescure d’Albigeois

2011 Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse
Galerie El Indalo, Limoux
Espace Gibert, Lézignan

2010 Galerie El Indalo, Limoux
Salon d’art contemporain, Arts 2, Bruxelles
Galerie L’étangd’Art, Bages
Salon d’art contemporain, Viv’art, Albi

2000 - 2009 Galerie des Carmes, Toulouse
Galerie Artevistas, Albi et Barcelone
Galerie A7, Auvillar
Galerie de l’Echarpe, Toulouse
Salon d’art contemporain, Bordeaux
Galerie Batik’Art, Barcelone
Galerie Puzzl’Art, Castres
Galerie Fusion, Toulouse

1989-1995 Toulouse School of Fine Arts

I opened my painting studio in 2007 at Cordes-sur-Ciel, a medieval hill-top village whose ancient stones inspire my painting both in terms of structure and in the mineral nature of the pigments I use.

The village has long been home to a great many artists. Like a stone vessel, Cordes-sur-Ciel is one of the best-loved villages in France and a favourite with visitors from abroad.

Atelier Muriel Lhermet
5, rue des Jardins
81170 Cordes-sur-Ciel